Movable Anything

This is my first “from-scratch” plugin I’ve released so play nice.

I originally started using movable contact forms with my blog yesterday when I released Dan Cameron 2.0. I was going to keep it for my self because what is the point to hard work if you can’t wave it around and gloat? Well I wised up and got off my ass and looked at code here and there and I found out how to get it to work as a “kick ass” plugin.

Movable Anything does just that. It makes anything that you specify movable, it creates a separate window of sorts so you can click and drag it all around the page. Originally made for comment forms I thought why not use it for anything. But for comment forms I absolutely needed something like this because I love going back to previous comments and comment on them. This just makes life so much easier and works in all major browsers, for all I know, and is by far a better solution compared to fixed comment forms in sidebars, something I used to have. Don’t get off track here because you could use it for anything.

Lets go get it running, and if you still don’t know what I’m talking about just check it out below. Drag the comment box here or there.

Download Movable Anything click here

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