#WCSF or was it #WCSF14

I’ve been to a lot of the San Francisco WordCamps, including the first 1, and this year’s was the best for me. Everything seemed completely different.

My approach was definitely different this year than any other. Instead of shying away from conversations 2 I embraced them. From the conversations I had I was able to get some great feedback for Sprout Apps, and more importantly make some friends that I hope to see at future conferences. There were still a lot of people I didn’t get an opportunity to meet either 3.

The conference talks were noticeably different too. For the last 5+ years, at WCSF, I’ve been rather bored with the developer talks, this year was the exception. In particular the talks on backbone and node and socket.io; talks I believe past WordCamps turned down for something more general. I ended up missing a few others that I hope to watch when they’re available.

If you missed the State of Word you should go watch it, there were some great announcements. Matt has a good write up of the keynote on his blog. Not much different than the previous years but hearing about the past, present, and future of WordPress is fun. The nostalgic pictures of WCSF v1 are great.

The only regret I have is not sticking around for the Community Summit but I couldn’t. We just got back from Hawai’i and I needed to get back to work on Sprout Apps, especially since my list of tasks has doubled after some great conversations. Maybe next year at WordCamp US.




  1. I know right? That’s how long I’ve been using/working with WordPress and props to my friend for wanting to go.
  2. I’m extremely self conscious when I’m with people that don’t know me.
  3. some twitter friends that I’ve never met in person in particular