Travel Hangovers & Productivity

I’m finding that I’m not nearly as productive the days surrounding my travel; which sucks because I’ve been traveling since the beginning of September and I won’t be finished for another few weeks. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve enjoyed the time off with family and friends; maybe too much since I’m rather unmotivated to jump back into work.

Over the last four weeks I’ve had some extended weekends: WordCamp LAX, Reno for a family wedding, a men’s retreat, and most recently a wedding in Las Vegas. This week was the first full work week I’ve had since August but looking back at my week (now Thursday) I’m a bit disappointed. Instead of diving into a big feature for Sprout Invoices I’ve pushed it aside for three weeks until after our family vacation and WordCamp SF which will be back-to-back (with a day in between).

I’m just frustrated with my work habits. Maybe I need to reevaluate a few things to get my motivation up 1. At very least I need to stop passing blame on traveling since I’m the one that sets my own schedule and goals.


  1. Thinking of splitting that thought into another post