Speaking Tour

One of my new year goals is to do more talks, specifically speaking at meet-ups. Yesterday was my first; not the first of the year, my first talk that I’ve given to a complete set of strangers — ever.

My hope that it would be easy to do a simple overview of Sprout Invoices was wrong. Sounds easy right? I ended up stumbling over the first few slides, my mind filled with doubt and evaluating everything I say. It was stressful. 😳

Much like my podcast interview I did with Apply Filters (a long time ago) it didn’t end as badly as it started, somehow I got comfortable and was able to get some sensible words out, at least I hope that’s what happened.

I need to figure this out, it’s most definitely a fear that I need to get over, hopefully jumping in and speaking a couple times next month will help. Although, those talks are going to be much longer, and one is at a local meet-up and not to an audience I can’t see.