I really don’t know how to approach this post. I don’t want to jump out there and say SiteGround is a terrible host because I’ve heard otherwise, although what they just pulled on me is bullishit. Maybe a simple story will work…

I opened a hosting plan with SiteGround a while back because I needed to test Sprout Invoices after a customer complained about some issues. Everything went well, I was able to setup a site fairly easily, test SI on a default configuration, and report back to my customer. Since I had paid for a year of hosting 1 I just let the site sit.

Months later I found myself with a charge for “Premium Support”.

premium support?

I don’t know what this charge is, it’s surely not a renewal since this is my complete billing history.

I did end up live chatting with their support, after a half-hour of back and forth they couldn’t/didn’t reverse the charge. The best they could do was credit my account, seriously WTF. I was under the impression from my conversation with him that SG pulls this all the time and by working in support he’s used it people bringing it up.

I still don’t understand their reasoning for the charge. I never used their support services. My logical guess would be that they’re re-couping their cheap hosting cost with up-charging, unbeknownst to their customers. The crazy thing, I’ve experienced this 💩 before with other companies and they’ve always refunded the payment. Sigh.

In case you’re wondering this is my support history! Nothing.

my support history


Talked to another support person in billing and they were able to refund the charge and make things right. They said that the Premium Support service is an option on the order form…which I know I didn’t check but oh well, it’s figured out now.


  1. I figured I might need to test on it again at some point because their setup is no ordinary.