New Car Gone?

Been waiting, and waiting, for the final settlement on the VW diesel buyback/recall for months now, the “agreement” has been sealed until it was submitted to the courts today but I’m finding nothing that will help me figure out what I’m supposed to do (with my a3 tdi). Sigh.

  • It looks like they won’t start the buyback process until October and the’llĀ go off Sept. KBB rates.
  • The $5-10k compensation will be on a sliding scale (which means I will likely get very little).
  • There might be a way to “fix” the emissions issue but from what I’ve heard (friend/audi-mech) it’s not possible on the smaller cars.

It’s bittersweet for me: I love this car (super fun to drive, comfortable, they don’t make sport backs anymore, …) but if I need to turn it in I rather rip the bandaid off sooner rather than later when I start getting too attached.

aside: while the pic isn’t my car, duh, it is the same exact model, year, make, color, without the big TDI on the side 😏