National Pastime ⚾️

Feeling a little guilt that I haven’t fulfilled my goals of writing weekly here and at here’s something…

Since early February most of my free time has been committed to Little League baseball. Managing my son’s team, volunteering as a board member, and now managing a 6-7 All-Star team 1. It’s been awesome managing/coaching, truly grateful, even with the 11 stitches in my face from being stupid at a practice. Dealing with the parents is another story…a long winded story that I won’t bother talking about here.

It would be very easy for me to draw a bunch of correlations between managing a team of eleven on 5 month project  and managing eleven 6-8 year olds playing baseball. So easy that I’m sure you can do it too; just let your imagination roam, knowing your assumptions of whatever went right and wrong for me this season are correct.

Here’s to three more fun weeks with this kid I love so much. Hopefully this time I can help him get a well deserved trophy.





  1. Which I’m very honored/lucky to manage