Lazy Daze

Today, after a major release of a Sprout App, I relax, only handling support. A tradition since the days of freelancing, when after a major project was launched I’d go play golf, or play with the kids. Today, it’s uncomfortable.

I just have so much to do; Sprout Invoices’ next release keeps growing with “must do” features and Sprout Clients is screaming for v2.0. With the year’s end looming, I’m not going to hit my goals. So I reset, again.

Many of my personal obstacles transitioning from services to products are no longer around, easily attributed to creating routines/scheduling, automating marketing, and approaching things differently. However, whenever I need to “reset” my goals I get almost depressed (🙁 bad, not ☹️ or 😩 bad ).

It’s really a no-win situation for me, the reason I need to reset is the untenable schedule I’ve set, and when I plan for a more reasonable schedule I feel guilty (and almost ashamed). Thats my struggle.

I know I need to rethink my approach, honestly I’m doing that now. I just don’t want to lose my drive of building awesomeness, otherwise I fear of falling into a lazy daze of hopefulness.