From Hilo to Honolulu

We ventured out first thing in the morning for the long drive back to Hilo. Our plan was to hit up a Ken’s House of Pancakes before our flight but it ended up being a bust; I dropped Sara off with the kids to get a seat and place our orders while I went to fill up the rental car with gas, when I returned (15-20 minutes later) not one person helped them, at that point we were running late. Sara tried to get a waitresses attention as she walked by and she totally ignored her because I saw here shake her head after passing, it was insane.

Breakfast was a bit frustrating but arriving and renting a car at Budget in Honolulu was the absolute worst. After getting pushed out of the Budget shuttle from the airport we’re told “only the driver should go stand in line in the office”, well only the drivers could fit in the tiny office anyway so we waited — seemingly hours. I ended up having to argue with the people their about car seat safety and how they shouldn’t have thrown out the backs to their kids booster seats we ended up at Walmart to buy a booster with a high back just for the trip. Ends up that buying a car seat here is cheaper than renting a POS at the rental company.

Those two experiences set us back a bit for the day but arriving at “our home” at Aulani, settling in, getting drinks by the pool and watching the kids swim made up for it.