Hawai’i Volcano Day

Day two was set to be our volcano day. Our plan was to hit the Volcano National Park visitors center and figure out what to do.

First thing first, we headed down to have breakfast at the first open restaurant we found. We ended up filling up at Shaka Restaurant.



After breakfast we headed up the mountain to the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.


We ended up taking Kealauea hike down into the “lake” of solid lava stopping at 15 points of interest that taught us about what happened not so long ago. It was a very long 4 miles.

Volcano Day

Before the big hike we stopped and looked at the crater which still has a lot of activity.

Volcano Day

Walking in the “lake” was described to us like walking onto the moon just after walking through a rainforest; of course, I didn’t like that description but it was pretty cool to walk a mile down the rainforest wall to a desolate landscape.

Volcano Day

The last part of our hike was a lava tubes.

After being exhausted from the hike we drove down to the ocean front of the park to see where the lava recently took over the road about ~10 years ago.

Volcano Day

More photos will be uploaded to our Hawaii ’13 flickr set.

After we stopped off in the town just north of the park and had a great dinner.