Please don’t “Go Big”, Just be Successful

This tweet really bothered me when I first read it this afternoon.

Personally, I don’t want anyone to be discouraged from going on on their own. I don’t know where we would be without my wife’s support helping me pursue freelance development, I was discouraged and very reluctant at the time.

That said, I highly doubt Justin’s point was to discourage anyone from pursuing freelancing or building a business on their own, suggesting instead to join an agency or a potential competing business. However, when I read “go big”, I see: do something in excess, do something more, build an agency, employ a lot of people, have offices, work your ass off, commit to your business first, profits!, etc..

Obviously this is a loaded issue for me, that’s why a misunderstood tweet has me writing this.

Anyway, It took a while before I realized building something big wasn’t a road to success. Instead I pursued success by focusing on a set goals, ultimately I got there 1, all while not forgetting to continually evaluate my business and being honest enough to change stretch goals.

I’m trying to save myself from writing (and you from reading) a bunch of hyperbolic statements on what true success is and how it’s completely personal. It’s not for the lack of trying either, I just couldn’t figure out an easy way to encourage honest reflection in setting up goals for success, while not limiting a business plan, without sounding contradictory.

By all means “go big”, just don’t feel the need that creating a big business is success.


  1. With a lot help from friends and coincidence.