First! props.

A big change since I started Sprout Apps is putting aside time to contribute back to WordPress more. In the past my excuse of not contributing was always time but honestly bad experiences within core conversations and my lack of confidence held me back 1.

I’ve come to realize my excuses suck and that I have a lot to benefit from “giving back”, i.e. learn.

My first props! I learned a lot working on Trac #12668, most of which I can apply to my own coding practices. Anyway, with the direction of boone I was able to submit a patch (with unit tests) for a feature add and a second patch to tidy things up, that were accepted into trunk.

I’m really grateful that I was able to help and learn from a few exceptional developers…win, win! Only if I realized this sooner.


  1. During my interview on apply_filters we discussed this in more detail if you want to know more about my experiences with contributing and what I’ve come to realize, including the realization of how naive I was.