Progressive Pricing (with recurring pricing) for Easy Digital Downloads

A little background first…

To celebrate Christmas and get Sprout Apps jump started for the new year I’ve launched a huge discount on Sprout Invoices and Help Scout Desk. The sale sets the cheaper monthly plans of Sprout Invoices to a $1, then each day the price will increase until Christmas day (when I’ll just manually remove the filter I’m using below). This means that SI is a dollar today, two dollars tomorrow, and so on. For the yearly plans (which HSD uses) the price starts at 50% off and progressively decreases until the price is 100% of what it was.

How I’m handling this…

If you’re not using licensing with signup fees than I recommend you find the filter to change the price, then use similar logic to dynamically adjust the pricing. Since I’m using the licensing add-on for EDD with recurring payments than things are a bit more complicated 1.

Here’s a screenshot of the pricing for Sprout Invoices. You’ll see that the “price” is the recurring rate and the “signup fee” + the “price” is what people pay today. Hope that makes sense but I guess if you got this far you understand how the Recurring Payments add-on works.


With this sale I’ll need to change what people pay for the Freelancer license from $34.95 to $1. So how do I do that?

You’ll notice that I’m modifying the signup for all items, with a negative value (depending on the day). Remember that the pay today price is the “Price” plus the “Signup Fee”, so manipulating the signup fee will adjust the initial payment but won’t mess with the recurring price.

For example, the pay now for the Freelancer was $1 yesterday because the signup fee was set to negative $4. Removing the Signup Fee while decreasing the price.

Another more complex example, the pay now price for a Business Yearly yesterday was $70 because the signup fee had a negative value of $70; which is 50% off the total price. e.g. $140-$140*(((25-{day})*2)/100). Now tomorrow that percentage off will decrease automatically until the 25 day of the month when it will be 0% 2.

Hope that helps anyone else looking to manipulate the pricing of EDD products with recurring payments. Any suggestions?

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I’ve customized the checkout_cart template within the site’s theme so that the discount can be more visible.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.44.46 PM


  1. I posted about my issues with discounts and this setup before.
  2. This will likely be adjusted. I think I’ll slow down the progression for these so that people can at least get 10% off.