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21 Jump Street

I was reluctant to watch this movie, even though there was nothing else to watch at the time but this movie was great. It’s rare that a movie can make fun of itself and still be funny, 21 Jump Street accomplished it multiple times: the cameos were fun, the explosions (or lack of) made for some humorous moments and […]

The Dark Knight Rises

Such a great movie. For me, The Dark Knight is still the best in the series but this is a close second; just because Joker (Heath Ledget) has to be my favorite movie villain of all time. There’s really not much to say, other than if you liked the other movies in this trilogy you’ll like this one. Maybe […]

Prometheus 2012

Really enjoyed this movie, even with all its flaws. What saved it for me was the mysteriousness of the plot and how that lent to theories, it was like season one of Lost all over again.  


Our trip to Aulani in Oahu was spectacular, I can’t saw enough great things about that place, it was honestly everything that I’d hoped and our entire family had a great time. The only regret was planning too much outside of the resort because I ended up buying the Go Oahu Card before we left which made […]

The Grey

This has been on my top of list of movies to watch when released on DVD and I’m not sure why, maybe because I like Liam Neeson movies (maybe not Ep. I and II as much), regardless The Grey is a good movie despite it’s predictability. aside: Trailors need to stop showing critical parts of movies because all I kept […]


Simply badass and I’m guessing you’ve already seen this movie so you know. I’ve watched it twice already and even after the second time I couldn’t find something to complain about. The writing was surprisingly good, they did a very good job sharing the film with all of it’s characters, the action wasn’t Michael Bay’ish (which is a great […]

This Means War

Such a frustrating movie because it was horrible but I found myself upset with myself for chuckling a few times. But seriously this movie was bad but maybe your wife/girl will like it, not sure how but it’s possible.

The Sitter

A rated R version of Adventures in Babysitting which I loved as a kid. Jonah Hill can make me laugh pretty easily and this movie did have it’s moments – good and bad. Damn, Jonah hill was big in this movie; glad he got in shape for Money Ball because he was great in that flick.

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