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Add RSS Feeds to your template header for Firefox and other browsers to detect automatically. Plugin facilitates adding your comments feed, per-post comment feed and allows for custom RSS feeds to be added. Configure >> Feeds are not excluded to local RSS feeds of your site. Forexample you can add your Twitter or Pownce feed just as easily as adding a comments feed.

AJAX CSS Switcher

Comment Quicktags + 1.101

Inserts a quicktag toolbar on the blog comment form. js_quicktags is a slightly modified version of Alex King's newer Quicktag.js plugin modified from original found here.

Financial Freedom Graph

Create multiple graphs in your sidebar with this plugin. Track personal and financial goals.

Google AJAX Search

Movable Anything

Drag and drop anything anywhere. A web 2.0 plugin.

Short Post URLS

Shortened Post URLs for twitter or any other social network that may need a short…

WordPress Facebook Social Widgets

WordPress GetResponse Plugin

Currently in Beta - Use at your own risk *