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I never wanted to write about this topic but after seeing this today I couldn’t help but share my Alzheimer’s experience. If you watch Seth Rogan’s testimony you’ll briefly hear about his mother-in-law and the complications, conditions and problems they had; my mom had those very same issues, exactly the same. After years of trying […]

Finally…flickr does video

Ever since we started using flickr, in 2005, I had been anticipating this day to come…3 years later flickr added video support. It’s clearly not a youtube competitor and I’m glad its not, they can keep their social/viral/hilarious video. Even though YouTube has more to offer, only because it’s pioneering and trying to keep ahead […]

iLife and iWork ‘08

iWork 08 Yesterday I posted about Numbers and I shyed away from posting about the other two apps in iWork ’08; Pages and Keynote because the only thing out of those two apps that’s worth mentioning is “action builds” for Keynote. Action builds is a very cool feature and to have it in a presentation […]

Youtube debates

It took a while for me to get around to these videos on youtube but here’s my favorite. My other favorites: Nuclear Religion and politics Healthcare and I still haven’t seen all of them so I’ll just update this post if there are anymore.

YouTube hits Apple

YouTube hits Apple TV today, headed for the iPhone as well – Engadget The wait is over, and you can finally train that Apple Remote of yours on videos of passable karaoke, mind numbing video blog confessions and the genius that is Daxflame. That’s right, YouTube is hitting the Apple TV today, an announcement that […]

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