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I'm on twitter @dancameron and this is my site so you'll want to read my about page too.

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Big Man, Freshbooks

Update: A rep from Freshbooks reached out to me days after this post, and we started a conversation that led to me talking with with their SEM lead. They said the bids on the “Sprout Invoices” term was unintentional and an automated process via broad match and keyword insertion; I don’t completely agree that it was fully automated knowing a little about […]

Search Everything 4.5

I just committed search everything 4.5 to wordpress extend. There are some major fixes for wordpress 2.5; like tag and category fixes and Japanese localization support. So go and update if you’re using it. Thanks to all the wonderful contributers out there that’s help build SE for the last year. There are some other issues […]

Dan Cameron

I build stuff with WordPress

I'm currently building Sprout Apps to help small businesses and freelancers running WordPress.