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Ubuntu + Webmin + Apache2 Errors

May 19, 2010

Setting up a new server on MediaTemple (ve) tonight and I was getting some errors with webmin and Ubuntu 8. Apache2 was running fine but I couldn’t get webmin to start/stop the service. The error I was getting was: “Failed to start apache” “etc/ line 22: /dev/console: Permission denied” … The solution was simple: When […]

fedora over ubuntu

March 21, 2007

One of my tasks this week was to setup a web server for some sites currently hosted on the tragedy of the grid. I don’t want to talk about the (mt) grid since I’ve said so much about it before but to answer “why?” I’m still on the grid for production sites is, I’ve been […]

Fedora Core 6 vs Ubuntu 6.10

January 7, 2007

I read this great article [PDF version] yesterday from Linux Format a UK magazine. After reading it I felt fedora was the distro to use specifically for the Xen support and it’s only downfall being it’s package management which could easily be fixed with just using yum. In the same journal was a full spread […]

August 4, 2006

You can build a feed that contains the exact stories you are interested in from You can filter by: description, category, submitters, number of diggs, and number of comments. Finally, I can now get a tech feed or any other for that matter that doesn’t have a stupid ass digg story or something with […]

Ruby on Rails

March 16, 2006

I’ve developed a fondness to RonR. Last week I went through the Apple Dev. tutorial and really noticed how easy it was to produce a web application with Ruby and Rails. I’ve also come to the conclusion that Ruby is not just another buzz word going around the web tagging along with the whole web […]

OS X on AMD64

August 13, 2005

OSX86 Originally uploaded by Dan_Cameron. It can be done. Just followed Justin Nolan’s instruction here, originally I started using the instructions on Uneasy silence but got stuck when I needed toÃ¥ change the passwords because the instructions there were wrong. I made a video of OS x booting and running on my AMD64 machine. The […]