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I'm on twitter @dancameron and this is my site so you'll want to read my about page too.



As you can tell, if your not reading this post in RSS, I’ve changed a few things. Namely just making everything bigger; bigger fonts, bigger header, and flexible width. I think it’s been enough time for me to move to flexible width site after many discussions (mostly w/ Jared) about how sites should not be […]

Shout is out

I figured that I should be the one to gain financially from my blog so I killed the shoutbox and put in an ad box; that will show those darn tagboard spammer bots.

Crazy Stats

I knew my hits were increasing for the last 2 months but never this much. wp-stattraq says I have about 21k already for this month and my logs for my domain say 200k, in which 20k are due to the tagboard. What’s more crazy: I had 441k(webstats) last month. What did I do last month? […]

Scattered Clean up

I am spring cleaning a little. I took the links out of the right side for two reasons: 1) Because it was an eyesore for me 2) I love too much, especially since they started to show flickr style weighted tags. I know it’s sort of a nuisance because my links were one click […]


A lot of people are using my theme and I just saw one today that made me proud. Probably the best I have seen because he is using everything installed in the theme except the top commenter’s plug-in. But I still have to do a couple things: 1. Someone pointed out today the emoticons for […]

I did it

I finished my theme this morning, surprisingly it didn’t take too long to finish. You can check it out on Tim’s blog here, don’t worry you wont notice it if you go to his site normally. My theme is a little weird because it is a drop in theme but I included a lot of […]

Scattered Theme

I hadn’t committed to enter the Alex King Theme Competition until today when I started working on it. Last night I had the great idea to give Gallery and Gallery2 integration files with it so people could drop the theme in there theme directory and drop a couple files in their gallery folder and then […]

Busy – Follow-up

I want to write a lot right now but as Jared knows, see tagboard, I am very busy with the server that I am trying my best to setup. I so need to create a To-Do list, like Stryker has. I have a lot on my plate right now, all tied up on the internet; […]

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