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How I migrate servers in 20 minutes

This somewhat requires you’ve followed my suggestions on not committing yourself to a certain host or your own DNS or mail servers, if not the extra steps might take you 10 more minutes, maybe days. There are plenty of ways to migrate to a new server depending on how you’ve setup the server or your […]

Winamp to manage your iPod

Looks like if you really don’t like iTunes but you want an iPod you can now use winamp through just a few checkbox configuration. I also noticed you can now use Amarok to sync on linux, which is cool but there are so many other options.

My iPhone Story

Well the wait is over for me. I talked myself into buying an iPod last night after toying around with it for just a few minutes and my experience with it for 20 minutes today at the mall solidified my decision.  Yes, the iPhone does do what many other phones do already. That’s clear but […]

Google mobile Cal

I meant to post about finally noticing Google Cal’s mobile interface which is going to help me a lot since I’ve been having syncing issues and GCal does house all of my calenders. And what timing because it turns out that they just released it. I’m still waiting for the app though.

Apple TV

After just a few days of using the Apple TV I’m thoroughly impressed. The major reason I purchased the Apple TV was because of all the hacking that’s been going on and with Apple practically saying, “it’s your box do what you will” we can expect some more great hacks, if running full OS X […]

More on Passwords |

A response to Alex calling me out. Well, you forced me to defend myself. 🙂 My solution doesn’t have any single points of failure except maybe someone retrieving my password db from one of my local machines and then cracking it somewhere else, which you know is highly unlikely. More unlikely then someone getting to […]

Apple TV

The Apple TV was the first out of the gate at today’s Macworld and it’s by far the most thing I’m excited about. The device is a media streaming device as well as a media player that syncs your library from another machine on it’s own hard drive, very similar to how an iPod syncs. […]


I dropped Feedlounge and I just bought NetNewsWire. Since I’m always on a mac now I don’t have to rely on a web based RSS reader anymore I had to rethink my RSS usability, I really like FL but the recent departure of Alex King just made me look around. I really like the new […]

Gosh, I really don’t like Safari but I really want to. With it being so stable, it having some really cool features and it just being extremely fast it still isn’t as good as firefox. Not being able to add the few extensions I use really bugs. Maybe camino supports them somehow. The extensions I […]

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