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Dan Cameron

I build stuff with WordPress

I'm currently building Sprout Apps to help small businesses and freelancers running WordPress.


“Dan’s gone light!”

If you haven’t noticed my site has dramatically transformed overnight to a “light” theme. The core of it is based off of IAMWW D2, which I had to heavily restructure and stylize to get what I wanted. Heavy props to the author because I was about to write my own sandbox theme with about the […]

repercussion of a mini-blog

I do apaligize for the duplicates yesterday. After migrating to Pownce and shutting off twitter tools to pull in posts Twitter Tools went crazy. Every time I deleted the twitter posts they automatically were added minutes later without my doing. I’m thinking it was a cron issue because only after I deleted the cron value […]

Ruby on Rails

I’ve developed a fondness to RonR. Last week I went through the Apple Dev. tutorial and really noticed how easy it was to produce a web application with Ruby and Rails. I’ve also come to the conclusion that Ruby is not just another buzz word going around the web tagging along with the whole web […]