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WordPress Admin plugin for iPhone

[Updated 10/5] Version 2.0 was just released. Version 2.0 – multiple mobile browsers supported After a week and a half of hard work Jared and I committed Version 1.0.2 to WordPress Extend. we lapsed and forgot to test the plugin on the 2.2 branch and now we’ll need to pull it back for a later […]

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Purchased the ATH-ANC7s a couple weeks back and they’re the first pair of “real” headphones I’ve ever purchased over $40. At first I was looking at the Bose QC headphones but I couldn’t rationalize a $300 purchase. Instead I bought some Sony headphones a year ago and they’ve suited me enough to not really care […]

Comparing Apples and Blackberrys

Comparing Apples and Blackberrys (Part 1) – Engadget Indeed, with the iPhone I have been able to pay bills using my bank’s regular Web site, something I’ve not been able to do on any other mobile phone. Here again, a QWERTY keyboard is useful mostly for entering URLs (which can admittedly be long, unforgiving and […]

My iPhone Story

Well the wait is over for me. I talked myself into buying an iPod last night after toying around with it for just a few minutes and my experience with it for 20 minutes today at the mall solidified my decision.  Yes, the iPhone does do what many other phones do already. That’s clear but […] on the iPhone

It took just about 40 seconds for the full page to load on ATTs edge which is pretty fast compared to my Curve which takes just about as long without rendering proper html.Even the ajax style switcher worked which wasn’t surprising since it is safari but it was nice to see the css change without […]

YouTube hits Apple

YouTube hits Apple TV today, headed for the iPhone as well – Engadget The wait is over, and you can finally train that Apple Remote of yours on videos of passable karaoke, mind numbing video blog confessions and the genius that is Daxflame. That’s right, YouTube is hitting the Apple TV today, an announcement that […]


I’ve used a couple managed voicemail providers in the last few months. My first provider was callwave which sent me my voicemails as MP3 through email and just like any voicemail added the ability to call in and hear the voicemail from your phone in a queue. A month or two ago I started using […]


I’m not sure who engadget mobile or BGR about the release date for my next phone but it does look like I’m going to be waiting a long time for  the phone I really want. Which is a Curve with GPS and WiFi; both of which were original features. I’d understand WiFi becuase the carriers […]

Reader Theme

I’ve been waiting for a standalone Google Reader app for some time but this theme might distract me. I’m going to test it out before I apply it to my other systems if it sticks on me. Since it just “cleans” up the look of Reader I really doubt it will last since I’m not […]

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