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Installing Webmin on CentOS

August 27, 2007

One of the first things I did on my Media Tempe (dv) was install webmin because I’m a huge fan of easy it let’s you manage your web/server, e.g. web interface to quickly change config files or restart particular services without having to login through SSH. A more official description: Webmin is a web-based interface […]

Blog Out

June 10, 2006

For some reason my blog went down. Most likely do to a server error on Media Temple’s side and not mine, for a change. Looked around the web and it seems it’s a /tmp issue. After I found out that I was getting the “error 28″ message I tried to repair the tables in phpMyAdmin […]

Ruby on Rails

March 16, 2006

I’ve developed a fondness to RonR. Last week I went through the Apple Dev. tutorial and really noticed how easy it was to produce a web application with Ruby and Rails. I’ve also come to the conclusion that Ruby is not just another buzz word going around the web tagging along with the whole web […]

Server outage, again.

November 2, 2005

Still not sure why this is happening, I looked through all my logs and only found that I need to increase my php mem limit. Nothing else. I am currently backing up everything within the last hour because I’m contimplating upgrading Plesk, which would update all the packages like php, mysql and apache. I just […]


September 14, 2005

Only 2 hours since I installed Mint and I absolutely love it. Not only is the UI beautiful but the open API is fantastic, I’ve already installed 7 plugins. I intend to write a review after I use it for awhile and it collects more data so I can share. In the meantime if you […]

This Week’s bookmarks

May 23, 2005

Shared bookmarks for user scatteredmedia The Tao of Mac – mySQL – Tagged as: [Mac mySQL] : The Largest BitTorrent Community – Tagged as: [Torrents] Free and original Photoshop Brushes – – Tagged as: [Photoshop] Fedora Project, sponsored by Red Hat – Tagged as: [Server] Integrator for WordPress – Tagged as: […]

This Week’s bookmarks

May 2, 2005

Shared bookmarks for user scatteredmedia The Tao of Mac – Tagged as: [Mac] YourSQL – Tagged as: [Mac Server mySQL] Apple – Mac OS X Downloads – Tagged as: [Downloads Mac Plugins Tiger] Apple – Mac OS X Downloads – Automator Actions – Tagged as: [Mac Plugins Tiger] Apple – Mac OS X Downloads […]