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(My) Defense of iOS6 Maps

iOS6 Maps is not amazing, which is humerously documented here, nor is it great, neither was Google Maps for iOS 3/4/5/6 and I honestly can’t believe some people would say otherwise (e.g.). I do agree Google Maps was “awesome” and the “killer app”  for the iPhone in the first couple years but there’s no way it’s still being considered as “great”. […]

Google Reader Apocalypse / Revolt

The day has come and the Google Reader blog has the rollout post and it’s a lot worse than I imagined. Not only did they obliterate all of the conversations I’ve had with friends within the service. They’ve removed the notes I’ve made on shared posts. Technically both have been preserved through some strange Buzz Google+ connection but not […]

Chrome … on Mac

I switched to Chrome last month, ever since it’s been getting better by the week. At first I was amazed at how the browser and extensions update themselves, I’m not sure how it works but I love the surprise of improved functionality. 1password is a great example, it has gradually added features and it’s getting […]

2010 Theme

If you’re following me on twitter you should be fully aware that I launched my new theme Saturday night, today I put the final design touches on it. On Friday I had a simple design idea and with all of the ideas and inspiration that have accumulated over the last 6+ months I was obsessed in […]

iPhone 2.0 Apps

Here’s a screen grab of all the apps I’ve downloaded already. I can’t give any full reviews just yet; no time and I haven’t played with them all just yet. First impressions though: AIM: Why did I download that, I don’t use aim. Looking forward to a GTalk (native) app, the special iPhone web version […]

Google removing feeds from search results

It’s about time… As a webmaster, you may have been concerned about your RSS/Atom feeds crowding out their associated HTML pages in Google’s search results. By serving feeds, we could cause a poor user experience:   1. Feeds increase the likelihood that users see duplicate search results. 2. Users clicking on a feed may miss […]


Surprsingly my traffic hasn’t suffered from the Pagerank decrease. (“This Week” just started that’s why it’s at 0″) It makes me wonder how much pagerank factors into Google’s algorithm now-a-days.

Android and the Google Phone

Big news today, Google announced Android: Android is the first truly open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices. It includes an operating system, user-interface and applications — all of the software to run a mobile phone, but without the proprietary obstacles that have hindered mobile innovation. We have developed Android in cooperation with the Open […]

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