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Sync 1Password with Dropbox in 5 Easy Steps

If you’re looking to sync your 1Password across Dropbox here are the basic instructions behind syncing Safari/Webkit/Firefox passwords on OSX (so you don’t have to read a novel or watch a video). Create a 1Password dropbox folder (optional). Open 1Password preferences Select “move” Select the newly created dropbox folder Repeat 2-4 on all of the computers you […]

New Plugin Releases on WordPress Extend

Add RSS Detection I’ve uploaded Add RSS to WordPress Extend and updated it to version 1.5. Description: Add RSS Feeds to your template header for Firefox and other browsers to detect automatically. Plugin facilitates adding your comments feed, per-post comment feed and allows for custom RSS feeds to be added. Feeds are not excluded to […]


After the comment on how I added additional RSS feeds for browser detection I went ahead and made the least necessary plugin I’ve ever released. Maybe Movable Anything is unnecessary for more users but this plugin might take the person longer to download and install than just modifying their header file in their template, even […]

GTD with Google Notebook

All we need is better integration for GMail and Notebook like adding e-mail functionality to your Notebook and my personal GTD process will be complete through the help of this article. An online notebook is something I really lack, even though I’ve tried many times with basecamp and the old Notebook; my current process of […]

Minor Update

Google AJAX search plugin ONE.003 Changes since version ONE 1.003 Firefox flow fix 1.002 URI Fixes CSS Fixes Outstanding issues OPEN/CLOSED picklist instead of manual form Google Search has a default CSS for dark themes that makes the below option images compact

Google “Tips” Pulled?

The controversial Google “Tips”, where Google promoted certain of their own products over organic search results, have been quietly pulled down. Until recently, Google searches for Calendar, Blogging, Photo Sharing and others returned “tips” above normal search results suggesting users try Google Calendar, Blogger and Picasa, respectively. Firefox co-founder Blake Ross criticized the change in […]

Tor and uTorrent

In case you’re wondering I have taken some measures to make my torrent experience a little safer/anonymous. In the process of trying tor for OS X I ran into some problems, it’s damn easy to setup for firefox but not so easy for Azureus–being the only OS X bittorrent app that allows proxy. Hopefully XTorrent […]

M$ Zune

Not only will the Zune not play Microsoft’s own DRM it wont be mac compatible. At least it comes in brown. [I had a longer post but a zune site that I loaded crashed firefox (1.5)]

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