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WordPress Web Development

I’m so glad that I’ve found WordPress; not only for my hobby of blogging but it really has been such an educational experience over the last few years for my development. As far as personal web development; I’m not even close to what I want to know about web development or web programming, I’ll probably […]

Linux vs. Mac

This has got to be the best review/article on the age old debate of Linux vs. Mac. The article is extensive but the conclusions on the topic mimic my sentiments exactly. In the following pages, they lead a guided tour of the two OSes, paying particular attention to eight important areas: Installation & Migration; Hardware […]


I’m purging my online identity to just a few locations that I actually use since it was getting out of control. The major account escape that led to the purge was myspace, as you might have noticed if I’m a friend of yours. The others include: tumblr – It’s a great “blog” service that compiles […]

GTD with Google Notebook

All we need is better integration for GMail and Notebook like adding e-mail functionality to your Notebook and my personal GTD process will be complete through the help of this article. An online notebook is something I really lack, even though I’ve tried many times with basecamp and the old Notebook; my current process of […]

Gosh, I really don’t like Safari but I really want to. With it being so stable, it having some really cool features and it just being extremely fast it still isn’t as good as firefox. Not being able to add the few extensions I use really bugs. Maybe camino supports them somehow. The extensions I […]

Google Notebook

The best productive app I have. I’ve even dropped backpack for it. It just has so much more to offer then backpack, originally I thought they were two different things but when I started looking at how I use backpack I couldn’t figure a reason not to make the switch. With the firefox extension it […]


Foxmarks finally resolves my bookmarking woes. It works with Mac and PC and does a great job syncing everything. It actually seperates the differences in a mild way of using seperaters. Definitly one of my favorite extensions.

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