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WordPress Web Development

I’m so glad that I’ve found WordPress; not only for my hobby of blogging but it really has been such an educational experience over the last few years for my development. As far as personal web development; I’m not even close to what I want to know about web development or web programming, I’ll probably […]

WordPress Admin plugin for iPhone

[Updated 10/5] Version 2.0 was just released. Version 2.0 – multiple mobile browsers supported After a week and a half of hard work Jared and I committed Version 1.0.2 to WordPress Extend. we lapsed and forgot to test the plugin on the 2.2 branch and now we’ll need to pull it back for a later […]

Apple drops iPhone Video out

It looks like Apple dropped the video out functionality for the iPhone. Last week the iPhone was clearly marked as a supported device for both the component and composite cables, now neither cables have the iPhone logo and the descriptions look to have been edited. This is just another thorn in Apple’s side with new […]

Installing Webmin on CentOS

One of the first things I did on my Media Tempe (dv) was install webmin because I’m a huge fan of easy it let’s you manage your web/server, e.g. web interface to quickly change config files or restart particular services without having to login through SSH. A more official description: Webmin is a web-based interface […]

Scattered Goals

I’ve been steadily moving towards this already but here are my blog goals: “Actual Friends” I want to add more personal posts through Pownce but I need to decide how to segment out those few of you that are my “actual friends”. It’s a shame you all don’t use Pownce. Maybe a new blog is […]

iLife and iWork ‘08

iWork 08 Yesterday I posted about Numbers and I shyed away from posting about the other two apps in iWork ’08; Pages and Keynote because the only thing out of those two apps that’s worth mentioning is “action builds” for Keynote. Action builds is a very cool feature and to have it in a presentation […]

Linux vs. Mac

This has got to be the best review/article on the age old debate of Linux vs. Mac. The article is extensive but the conclusions on the topic mimic my sentiments exactly. In the following pages, they lead a guided tour of the two OSes, paying particular attention to eight important areas: Installation & Migration; Hardware […]


After the comment on how I added additional RSS feeds for browser detection I went ahead and made the least necessary plugin I’ve ever released. Maybe Movable Anything is unnecessary for more users but this plugin might take the person longer to download and install than just modifying their header file in their template, even […]

fedora over ubuntu

One of my tasks this week was to setup a web server for some sites currently hosted on the tragedy of the grid. I don’t want to talk about the (mt) grid since I’ve said so much about it before but to answer “why?” I’m still on the grid for production sites is, I’ve been […]

UDASS WordPress plugin

Plugin can be found here I FINALLY have a working version of my UDASS plugin on my site. And I’ve replaced it with the theme switcher I just setup, I might bring the theme switcher back but I don’t want to distract from this nor confuse people. So, UDASS. The Unobtrusive Degradable Ajax Style Sheet […]

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