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5K downloads for WordPress Search

Search Everything looks to break five thousand downloads this weekend (if not today) on WordPress extend. I lost the prior totals before I committed all my downloads to extend but I’m guessing the total downloads since version 1 is around 7.5K. All this with the recent news that WP 2.4 will be including the ability […]

Search Everything 4.0

I just released 4.0 of Search Everything. It’s 2.3 compatible, except the category exlclusion option, I need to figure out the new taxonomy schema a little more in order to fix this. Hopefully someone else will send me an fix before I get around to it. Search Everything increases the ability of the default WordPress […]

WordPress Development

After finally setting up Trac and SVN on my new server I’ve moved all my projects off Google Code hosting. But instead of checking in all of the code to the new repositories I updated all of the theme and plugin pages. So the problem, you’ll not be able to download anything until tonight when […]

Apple iWork ‘08 Numbers

I’ve been waiting for Numbers ever since it was rumored to be released in last years iWork (that never shipped). The reason: I’ve been tied to two options, the first is Google Spreadsheets for personal use and occasionally work when we need to collaborate on data and the other is excel. Numbers will never replace […]


After the comment on how I added additional RSS feeds for browser detection I went ahead and made the least necessary plugin I’ve ever released. Maybe Movable Anything is unnecessary for more users but this plugin might take the person longer to download and install than just modifying their header file in their template, even […]

Series of Tubes

Youtube plugin on the aTV (youtube video below). I just need to get the ATV loader setup which will let me download and install these plugins directly from the aTV itself. No need to SSH in and restart the box.

Google Apps

It makes me curious why Google Apps doesn’t allow for current gmail upgrades. Are the two services that different that they just couldn’t migrate my account? After my recent GMail outage I signed up for the free beta lasting until the end of this month and noticed all I could do was create an account […]

GMail Error

What a coincidence that GMail is down right now for me after the overboard discussion on this post with one of the points being that I rely on GMail never being down. For some reason my account at dancameron is the only one getting the lock out since Sara’s and my others work. I’m assuming […]

Apple TV

After just a few days of using the Apple TV I’m thoroughly impressed. The major reason I purchased the Apple TV was because of all the hacking that’s been going on and with Apple practically saying, “it’s your box do what you will” we can expect some more great hacks, if running full OS X […]

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