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I'm on twitter @dancameron and this is my site so you'll want to read my about page too.


Lazy Daze

Today, after a major release of a Sprout App, I relax, only handling support. A tradition since the days of freelancing, when after a major project was launched I’d go play golf, or play with the kids. Today, it’s uncomfortable. I just have so much to do; Sprout Invoices’ next release keeps growing with “must do” features […]

Twenty Ten Resolutions

I’m a couple days late in writing these but I’ve been thinking about them for a while now. Most of my 2010 resolutions are centered around my business at Sprout Venture, however, as a “small business” owner I feel my success and dedication effects my family the most. So, while I talk the business talk […]

Dan Cameron

I build stuff with WordPress

I'm currently building Sprout Apps to help small businesses and freelancers running WordPress.