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Google Apps

It makes me curious why Google Apps doesn’t allow for current gmail upgrades. Are the two services that different that they just couldn’t migrate my account? After my recent GMail outage I signed up for the free beta lasting until the end of this month and noticed all I could do was create an account […]


I’m here in Pittsburgh for the week to get some administration training on websphere commerce. I’m not too excited about the trip, it’s in the middle of the huge deployment project of websphere and I’m away from my girls. the trip didn’t start well either. I arrived at Oxnard on time but it turned out […]

Wii with Mii

If you have a Wii I want to be friend. You can either view my what little is shown at or just add my wii code to your address book. Just make sure to tell me so I can add you. Wii Code# 5194-0211-3676-0825 I’d also like to say Nintendo better fix this whole […]

Kuo on Maher

You’ll notice I wrote this for the BridgeBlogs, The reason for this post and my purchase of the book. The reason for this post on the BB rather then my blog, the political Christian struggle is something that I’ve dealt with for a long time and a logical faith filled discussion here, with the community […]

WordPress 標準ガイドブック

I’ve only told a few but my search plugin was published in WordPress標準ガイドブック a WordPress book in Japanese. Hopefully I’ll get a copy so I can see my name wrapped around some cool Japanese text. ッ

Media for books?

Another copy and past from Jason’s original post on scary stats. I agree that BOOKS are regarded too high, almost as if they are the great tool of knowledge. In the past, books were the mainstay for increasing knowledge, fair perceptions of life and the world. Now it’s different and with many new media streams […]


If you couldn’t tell I’ve been really busy of late here are the three reasons: The Bridge’s transition to a new location, a new project including wordpress as a “corporate” site and finally a transition of my own. Rather not go into detail on the last two but it’s taking most of my time away […]

Ruby on Rails

I’ve developed a fondness to RonR. Last week I went through the Apple Dev. tutorial and really noticed how easy it was to produce a web application with Ruby and Rails. I’ve also come to the conclusion that Ruby is not just another buzz word going around the web tagging along with the whole web […]


Over the holidays I started an audible account and listened to all but 30 minutes of Narnia: L’W’W’. I’m liking the whole audiobooks thing. Although I don’t think I’ll keep the audible account since I just downloaded the whole Narnia series on BT for free. My other book was an impulse buy, the new google […]


Why is it that microsoft thinks their software is for the average person? It really isn’t. Office is a piece of shit. Try to explain to someone how to print labels from their address book, yeah that’s what I thought. Another reason why OS X is so much better. At least they have easy options […]

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