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How to make a tumblog using Google Reader

Tumbleblogs are all the craze right now and I’ve heard a lot of people trying to figure out new ways to get one other than simply signing up and For those who do not know what a Tumble blog are, A tumblelog is a variation of a blog, that favors short-form, mixed-media posts over […]


I’m purging my online identity to just a few locations that I actually use since it was getting out of control. The major account escape that led to the purge was myspace, as you might have noticed if I’m a friend of yours. The others include: tumblr – It’s a great “blog” service that compiles […]

GTD with Google Notebook

All we need is better integration for GMail and Notebook like adding e-mail functionality to your Notebook and my personal GTD process will be complete through the help of this article. An online notebook is something I really lack, even though I’ve tried many times with basecamp and the old Notebook; my current process of […]

Getting good with Google Reader

I spend a lot of time in Google Reader and this post via lifehacker will hopefully make that time shorter and more effecient. Somethine I don’t use in GR is labels and with that video making it seem so simple I might as well try. I just with GR would come out of the labs […]

Google Browser-Sync

I’ve liked their toolbar for sometime now because I like the live search box better then Firefox’s default and I really like the spell checker. But with Firefox 2 coming out soon and with it having inline spell check I think I might drop the toolbar altogether, although I’ve been using deerpark for a while […]

FeedLounge Update

The “SOGâ€? Release : FeedLounge We’ve introduced TagThruâ„¢ in this release. TagThruâ„¢ takes any item tags you add in FeedLounge and also adds them to your account in a tagging/bookmarking service. I can now just tag feeds in Feedlounge and they go straight to The best new feature; outside of the speedboost, colored tags […]


Foxmarks finally resolves my bookmarking woes. It works with Mac and PC and does a great job syncing everything. It actually seperates the differences in a mild way of using seperaters. Definitly one of my favorite extensions.

Modify Firefox 1.5 to work with all extensions

For all of those who just downloaded Firefox 1.5 and can’t get your extensions to work. This is a simple modification of Firefox’s configuration to trick the extensions to work. No need to manually edit the extensions to get them to work. Currently all the extensions I use work except the bookmark sync extension that […]

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