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I'm on twitter @dancameron and this is my site so you'll want to read my about page too.


Big Man, Freshbooks

Update: A rep from Freshbooks reached out to me days after this post, and we started a conversation that led to me talking with with their SEM lead. They said the bids on the “Sprout Invoices” term was unintentional and an automated process via broad match and keyword insertion; I don’t completely agree that it was fully automated knowing a little about […]

SoftCE redesign and advertising

In preparation for the release of SoftCE I’ve redone the site and I’m really pleased with what was accomplished with this wonderful script that I talked about earlier. I’ve also started the payment system through PayPal which was surprisingly easy to setup even though I need to have recurring charges and a 6 week trial […]

Dan Cameron

I build stuff with WordPress

I'm currently building Sprout Apps to help small businesses and freelancers running WordPress.