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  1. Dole, North Shore and Turtle Beach


    Took a trip to the Dole plantation and toured the grounds on a train and had a ton of fun breaking up into teams to complete the huge maze, apparently the worlds largest maze. After we went to a Haleiwa (North Shore) beach, Laniakea Beach also known as turtle beach. Watching the turtles eat their…

  2. Rest and Relaxation


    Our second day on Honolulu was uneventful and filled with a lot of relaxing, swimming, more relaxing at the beach, relaxing, slides, lazy river and a bit of drinking in between. The kids went to Auntie’s Beach House for some activities while we relaxed and planed our next few days. For dinner we ended up…

  3. From Hilo to Honolulu


    We ventured out first thing in the morning for the long drive back to Hilo. Our plan was to hit up a Ken’s House of Pancakes before our flight but it ended up being a bust; I dropped Sara off with the kids to get a seat and place our orders while I went to…

  4. Hilo, Helicopter Volcano Tour and Falls

    Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 10.08.16 PM

    Our third full day revolved around a helicopter volcano tour that we would take in the afternoon in Hilo. The drive wasn’t too bad, the kids were surprisingly civil with each other. We walked downtown for a while, shopping in it’s little shops and settling for a mexican restaurant that had some very unique Hawaiian…

  5. Snorkel Trip to Captain Cook

    Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 7.30.01 PM

    This was our day to snorkel and without much a plan we headed to Kona Boys in south Kona to rent stuff and ask about places. After a fair bit of going back and forth we decided to do the “45 minute” hike to Kealakekua Bay, regardless of wether she said it probably wasn’t a…

  6. Hawai’i Volcano Day


    Day two was set to be our volcano day. Our plan was to hit the Volcano National Park visitors center and figure out what to do. First thing first, we headed down to have breakfast at the first open restaurant we found. We ended up filling up at Shaka Restaurant.     After breakfast we…

  7. Hawaii Vacation 2013 – Day One


    Most of our first day was either in an airport, on an airplane  or in a car but on our way to our home on the big island we stopped off at an awesome little beach. Our night was filled with another adventure: finding our home that we’ll be staying at until Tuesday, Maps and…

  8. Stop killing your Apps!


    I feel obligated to share this with everyone I know again that has an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch…again! Please stop using the app switcher to “force quit apps”! It’s annoying me that you’re wasting your time and I’m sure the developers that put a lot of effort into developing a smart solution where you…

  9. Google Maps for iOS


    Looks like Google’s released their own Maps app — as expected. Further solidifying that Apple’s switch to their own maps app was the best choice for users. Otherwise we would never have a (presumably) good Maps app backed with Google’s data.