WordPress 2.3 Upgrade wows

It never fails me, no matter how “easy” I try to make the wordpress upgrades with SVN and supllying my own repos there’s always something that goes wrong.

This time when setting up my sites with my own wordpress repo that I apply updates to I mistakingly overwrote the wp-contents folder, taking it out of checkout and then resulting in the svn update to bomb when it got to that folder.

It shouldn’t have been a big deal, just delete the folder or rename it then do another update. Well I ended up running some of the update.php scripts prior to noticing the problem and the upgrade when bad. I’m not sure how they became related but my guess is there were some files in the includes or the admin folder that weren’t included.

I ended up having to restore two dbs, including this one and rerunning the script (again) after a proper checkout. Argg, and I also had to stay up this late messing around when I should be sleeping.

I’m going to suggest that the wordpress devs include a force upgrade script, since that would have alleviated the restores. I wonder what and where get_option(‘db_version’) checks or is it something else I could have reset to force the reinstall.