Tor and uTorrent

In case you’re wondering I have taken some measures to make my torrent experience a little safer/anonymous. In the process of trying tor for OS X I ran into some problems, it’s damn easy to setup for firefox but not so easy for Azureus–being the only OS X bittorrent app that allows proxy. Hopefully Picture 3.png
XTorrent will add the functionality soon. But with Azureus not working so great, I just really dont like the UI and the plugins aren’t too easy to mange either I gave up and knew I had to do something else. I had mentioned to Jared I would just setup Tor on Linux and run it as a VM through Parallels but instead I went with uTorrent on Windows and I’m surprised at how much I prefer uTorrent right now. Even in a VM it’s working great. Tor is noticeably slower but it works and I’m not in too big of a rush anymore.

The times I am in a rush it’s to get TV shows downloaded for a morning re-encode for my iPod I use Xtorrent. Reason I’m in a rush, Meredith and I watch TV shows for lunch at work and it’s nice to see those shows the day after rather then postpone them a few days.