I told you that I would come up with something that would benifit me while getting rid of these G-Mail accounts.
I read a recent article at Wired on and how its for real. (via KR)
So I have fallen into the scheme and I want to take all of you with me.

There plan to give away iPods:
Step #1 Sign up for one of there free services like AOhelL, a trial for Blockbusters DVD service a rip off of netflix, infone, and a bunch of others.
Step #2 (the kicker) you need to refer 5 other people that sign up and complete an offer.
Then they send you an iPod.
Easy as that, right? I know this sounds like a scam and it wont work but read the article. I love Wired magazine and I trust them.

So since I completed step 1 I need 5 people to sign-up and complete an offer. FYI, all of the offers are trials; so just cancel them before the days run out. For the Credit card apps. you have to use the card so please don’t register for one of those.


So my insentive is to get a Free iPod and yours would be 3 FREE GMAIL INVITES and if you continue the pyrimid then you too can get a freeiPod.
Anyone can help and get the Gmails.
And you must complete one of the offers