SoftCE redesign and advertising

In preparation for the release of SoftCE I’ve redone the site and I’m really pleased with what was accomplished with this wonderful script that I talked about earlier.

I’ve also started the payment system through PayPal which was surprisingly easy to setup even though I need to have recurring charges and a 6 week trial period. I just need to make sure it works properly and create a system for me to roll out accounts as fast as possible. I’d love to create a script that automatically creates the subdomain and account info but I’m not expecting that many users. So I’ll have to do it all manually.

I still have to make some flyers and I’ve been emailing some people to help with spreading the word and haven’t heard anything. Next resort is having Sara mail out 5-10 flyers a day to all the hospitals around CA.

I’ve already setup an adwords account but I really don’t think I’m going to get a lot of potential clients through adwords compared to word of mouth and advertising at these CE conferences around CA and US.