Old Look, New Feel

After trying to figure out what to do around here I settled on ditching my old theme.

I wrote about the reasoning behid that theme here.

Now, I settled with my ’07 theme with one big addition – the RSS Stream or LifeStream (as I like to call it).

I’m currently just using the RSS Stream plugin to pull in the feeds. The setup is very basic and instead of modifying the plugin to accept the Google Shared and Google Starred atom feeds I’m just running them through feedburner conversion. The second part of my setup was simply changing the generic feed icons to match the feed.

I’d like to do a lot more, like pull my the Google Shared –notes and links only– into posts so people can comment. Other more reasonible updates include:

  • more feeds (e.g. netflix)
  • Inline images for flickr
  • formatting the feeds better
  • styling (e.g. Twitter posts look bunched)
  • reply links. If it’s twitter, then a link for a twitter reply.
  • displaying the notes from G shared items (stretch goal)

Even with these goals I’m prepared to do nothing more for a long time. I’d prefer to post more than worry about this stuff. I wish Freind feed made it easier for us, without forcing users to ff.com.