Dotster Not Recomended

After posting this on Twitter:

Whoever is recommending dotster for hosting and domains please stop. Sorry, but if you’re not ignorant you’re an idiot.

Jared asked, “What’s wrong with Dotster?”. LOL, I had forgotten he uses it.

I was requested to setup a client’s outlook to receive email from one of his many domains he purchased through Dotster today and I anticipated it to take a few minutes since he already had a server/hosted plan. Nope, it took forever and I found out a lot of crappy things about Dotster.

First thing I noticed, you can’t add additional domains to your server plan. I’m not sure how they could get away with this so I contacted “live” tech support and after a quick “hello, how can I help you” I never received a reply and I waited 20 minutes since I was looking through documentation and the control panel. Maybe it was the plan that he purchased but any hosting plan limited to one domain is inexcusable.

I just gave up on the hosted plan and looked into the domain configurations. Turns out they love the idea of upselling the customer.


Additional POP and SMTP is $12/yr.

I’m a GoDaddy fan. And after seeing this I’m a bigger fan because the second, third, fourth, fifth and seventh options are all free. I was amazed to see that domain forwarding was an extra charge as well as e-mail forwarding. I’m unclear with transfer locking since it says free / $10 and I thought domain locking was required by ICANN.

I ended with the gmail solutions Setting up the client with e-mail forwarding to gmail where POP access is free and has a bunch of other spectacular features that I rather not list here but I will say it’s the best solution I’ve found for managing e-mail from your own domains. That way he can have webmail access, archiving and use personal email accounts without worry.

So that’s why I have a beef with dotster. Their confusing admin panel, limited hosting plan and extremely expensive domain registration is amusing to say the least.


Outside of the the average user perspective, like todays client; DNS management is a big plus for me with GoDaddy (it’s free BTW). I had originally started using it because I didn’t have BIND setup on my own VPS when I moved all my sites so I instead opted for the “quick and easy”. I intended to get BIND up and running but soon after I realized having GD manage DNS is ideal. Not only do I have all the controls I need but it gives the extra redundancy if my VPS crashes and I need to point to another IP. There most likely are some limitations but after 9 months I haven’t found any.