With me moving to Flickr I thought I would try out another *popular* web system. This time for my not only is a crazy url but a bookmarking management system. I heard a lot about it and I never wanted to mess with it because I couldn’t find any convenience to having my bookmarks online. Having synchronized bookmarks wasn’t a problem either since I used an FTP firfox plugin that did it for me. So why did I try it? Because of tags; I recently fell into the tag system with Flickr (check it out) and loved it. What a great way to organize.
So I uploaded all my firefox bookmarks with this, now all I need to do is tag them. Then I saw this plugin., and now I am in love. I can now use a cool sidebar for my links and get rid of all the links at the top of my browser replacing them with my daily links. I love the Internet. There are a lot more benefits behind including plenty of WP plugins, tools, and all the social stuff. more to come.