Alex King brought up Camino as the best mac browser and I really beg to differ.

Oh happy day! A patch has finally been submitted that enables accesskey support for Camino.

When a nightly is built that includes this patch, Camino will be the Best Mac Browserâ„¢, period.

I don’t really get why Camino would be the the greatest browser for the mac. Yes, it is the best browser if that is all you do, browse websites, but it does not support XUL like Firefox. So there is no expandability.

The best part of Firefox is:

Just these few firefox extensions make Firefox so much more productive then Camino I can’t figure out why he would say that about Camino.

Productivity aside Camino is a great browser, fast and accurate but you could get almost the same experience from Firefox. Or even Safari webkit. I will probably comment more on this or post a review of all the browsers, at least give some good links.