Busy – Follow-up

I want to write a lot right now but as Jared knows, see tagboard, I am very busy with the server that I am trying my best to setup. I so need to create a To-Do list, like Stryker has. I have a lot on my plate right now, all tied up on the internet; server, theme competition, server, server, and new website.

Today I hope to post on a theory I have but right now I need to follow up with a post I had earlier.

I fired up FireFox this morning to find out they only set up a proxy.
So I just had to go to Internet connections in FireFox and tell it where the proxy script was that they had setup. And that was that, I am back to running FF. I guess I had nothing to worry about, but now I think I worry more since they can now track my every move, including the entry of this post, a little better.