Apple switch

Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel chips | CNET

We can only wait until Monday but this could be good news.
The good:
1. Apple is very secretive on computer updates, so moving to Intel will only help us Mac lovers know when the next updates are around the corner. Unless they have some secrete deal with Intel, or Intel makes entirely different chips then you see in our x86 computers.
2. We could possibly see Mac OS X released for all x86-64 computers. (this could be bad for Apples aura because then everyone could have an install). One of the main reasons I thought Apple never did this before was pirating; ’cause everyone has a Windows install paid or not so why would they want to pay another $100 for another OS that they probably would just play with. Intel has the solution with their upcoming chips incorporating copy-right protection on chip. I personally hate the way Intel is going with this but it is inevitable, if the US can introduce the Patriot act then I guess we will have a cop that shuts down our computer when we are bad. About the OS, Jared: No, Apple will never open their OS as open source, so get over it. 😀
3. Possibly faster computers. Although I stand by the G5 chip, since they will be the fastest chips in the world when they come out in the XBOX this year. Maybe Intel has a secret line no-one knows about though.
4. Steve Jobs credibility might not be questioned with Intel (Steve promised 3ghz g5s by 2005, they still haven’t come, I would imagine this IBM’s fault not his)
5. Now those Assholes you say macs are slow will have one less problem with macs.
6. I won’t have to fight the need to upgrade until years from now, when they do go Intel. Giving me all next year off.

Apple plans to move lower-end computers such as the Mac Mini to Intel chips in mid-2006 and higher-end models such as the Power Mac in mid-2007

The Bad:
1. Possible slower computers with the new G5 coming out this year.
2. Notch out of the Apple aura.
3. Apple being mainstream (I would tremble if Jared bought one).
4. Emulating old software is going to lag, developers might have a problem but consumers should not one bit. Apple software will be switched before anything else. Adobe/Macromedia would be on board first. What’s left? Office?

The announcement Monday could tell us nothing, only that Apple and Intel struck a deal to create a new gadget or to create an Intel Mac Mini.

With my comments above with an open OS for x86 system: If Apple only released Tiger a year earlier to all x86-64 platforms they would have had a chance to take on Micr$oft. The reason being is Tiger would be the only 64-bit Operating system out and with all the hype and features. I would bet everyone that bought a 64bit chip in the last year and a half would have easily bought Tiger, and used it solely because it would have been the only 64bit OS (other then SuSe). And once you use OS X for a couple weeks you don’t want to go back.

Good luck Apple.