1and1 scams

First off I would love to go into detail like Thomas Hawk has with his horrible experience with PriceRitePhoto but I won’t.

My horrible consumer experience is with 1and1, the hosting company I can no longer recommend and if you use them I strongly recommend reading this and start your cancellation now.

It all started 6 months ago when I wanted to cancel my exchange hosting plan with 1and1. I emailed customer service directly and they responded with a link to cancel services. I went directly to the site and noticed for security purposes they have you sign a form and fax it to them to verify that you want to cancel your services, understandable. So I did. 30 days pass with no cancellation 60 days pass with no cancellation and then 67 days pass with no cancellation and they bill me for 90 more days of service. During that whole time frame I emailed them over and over asking them directly to cancel the service and they kept responding with the boiler template of “please visit cancel.1and1.com to cancel any service”.

2 months ago I left 1and1 for mediatemple because of stability issues of their root servers, configuration on my side or on theirs is unknown. I sign the contract for cancellation and I notice again the service will be cancelled in 30 days, I didn’t want to pay an extra $60 because by not cancelling the service in the next 13 days it would roll into the next billing period, so I crossed the 30 days out and put NOW. Doing so I can only guess voided the fax, in the fine print it said do not edit this form and without them telling me they billed me the next period. Noticing this I emailed their billing department for weeks trying to get a real response. 50 emails later, with mostly all the messages stating they never received the fax and me replying that I had confirmation emails to prove they did, I finally got a pleasing response, “we will credit you back”. Taking their word I waited and let my accounts just cancel.

Well they didn’t, I just got another invoice showing they charged me for my root plan. Knowing that that this day would come I called my credit card company days before and reported my card lost, freezing the card. And even though the invoice was after the date I froze the card I still need to call the CC company to confirm a non-charge. And I really hope there isn’t a charge because I rather not go through the CC company on the fraudulent charges from 1and1 even if it gets me back my money, I just want this to end.

I hate 1and1, I could only assume they do this on purpose because people, including myself, will just let it drag out for moths meanwhile charging them for services they don’t use.