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  1. 21 Jump Street


    I was reluctant to watch this movie, even though there was nothing else to watch at the time but this movie was great.

    It’s rare that a movie can make fun of itself …

  2. The Dark Knight Rises


    Such a great movie. For me, The Dark Knight is still the best in the series but this is a close second; just because Joker (Heath Ledget) has to be my …

  3. Aulani


    Our trip to Aulani in Oahu was spectacular, I can’t saw enough great things about that place, it was honestly everything that I’d hoped and our entire family had …

  4. Safe House

    Safe House Movie

    Highly predictable but I can’t get enough of Denzel shooting people as a badass ex-CIA agent. …

  5. The Grey


    This has been on my top of list of movies to watch when released on DVD and I’m not sure why, maybe because I like Liam Neeson movies (maybe not Ep. …

  6. Avengers


    Simply badass and I’m guessing you’ve already seen this movie so you know.

    I’ve watched it twice already and even after the second time I couldn’t find something to complain about. …

  7. This Means War

    Screen Shot 2012-06-10 at 9.16.40 PM

    Such a frustrating movie because it was horrible but I found myself upset with myself for chuckling a few times. But seriously this movie was bad but maybe your wife/girl …