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  1. Alz

    I never wanted to write about this topic but after seeing this today I couldn’t help but share my Alzheimer’s experience. If you watch Seth Rogan’s testimony you’ll briefly hear about his mother-in-law and the complications, conditions and problems they had; my mom had those very same issues, exactly the same. After years of trying…

  2. What I discovered is that in many ways, these jobs are a trap: They pay so little that you cannot accumulate even a couple of hundred dollars to help you make the transition to a better-paying job.


  3. Took a few days to straighten things out but I’m no longer running this blog on a dedicated server and finally recovered a backup that could be used to export the DB. I’ve learned a lot of lessons, the big ones: one, don’t count on software RAID setups; two, always review your backups periodically, something could have gone wrong since you set them up.

  4. WordPress Clearing All Transients on Upgrade

    Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 3.56.55 PM

    Nacin just tweeted about a little changeset in WordPress trunk that will delete all transients after an upgrade. Wondering how controversial this will be… WordPress trunk will clear all transients during upgrade. — Andrew Nacin (@nacin) September 12, 2013 Obviously someone is going to make this “controversial”, there always is with a huge project…

  5. White Tip Shark

    The video didn’t end showing how awesome this was but this is the best I have. What’s missing is how close we (snorkel guide with me on the outer part of the reef) got by swimming down, I had given him my camera but I didn’t get a chance to tell him it was already…

  6. Dole, North Shore and Turtle Beach


    Took a trip to the Dole plantation and toured the grounds on a train and had a ton of fun breaking up into teams to complete the huge maze, apparently the worlds largest maze. After we went to a Haleiwa (North Shore) beach, Laniakea Beach also known as turtle beach. Watching the turtles eat their…

  7. Rest and Relaxation


    Our second day on Honolulu was uneventful and filled with a lot of relaxing, swimming, more relaxing at the beach, relaxing, slides, lazy river and a bit of drinking in between. The kids went to Auntie’s Beach House for some activities while we relaxed and planed our next few days. For dinner we ended up…