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  1. 2010 in Review


    There was a lot of ups and downs in 2010: I met most of my business goals/resolutions, as a family we built some great friendships and we ended up buying a home; the downs are too personal to share but our friends and family have helped. The goals/resolutions I posted last year: Improve my acquisition process…

  2. Membership Site and WordPress 3.0


    Just added my latest project to the sproutventure portfolio and I’m proud of this site. It was a site I developed for a family friend and it ended up being a great opportunity to build out the custom classes I already had for memberships & paypal payments and make them sudo frameworks for for future development. Check out…

  3. 2.0


    [cross posted from the Sprout Venture Blog] Welcome to the new website. I hope you like what you see, it’s been a lot of work to get from where we were to where we are now. Why the change? Even though our old site served it’s purpose of providing basic company information and some…



    I had the great opportunity to work with the team at Shane and Peter Inc. to develop the new GigaOm network parent theme and subsequent child themes across their network of blogs. The first child theme was for
    Services: Custom WordPress Theme Development (parent/child themes), PSD to XHTML/WordPress, JQuery Navigation, AJAX Content Loops & Persistant [...]

  5. Twenty Ten Resolutions

    I’m a couple days late in writing these but I’ve been thinking about them for a while now. Most of my 2010 resolutions are centered around my business at Sprout Venture, however, as a “small business” owner I feel my success and dedication effects my family the most. So, while I talk the business talk…

  6. Second Project


    WordPress was pushed to the limits for this project. The system allows for green project owners to crowd source by listing their projects as contests, communicating with bidders, approving designs and managing document handovers.
    Services: Custom WordPress bidding system, Custom Profiles, Emailing system, Payment systems and more.

  7. Architect Partners


    Our main focus for AP was the M&A alerts, these custom posts required a print layout and easy navigation once a M&A Alert was in view. Navigation was our second focus, we provided custom page templates to provide a manageable secondary navigation throughout the site.
    Services: Custom WordPress Theme development, PSD to XHTML/WordPress, Dynamic Templates, Advanced [...]

  8. USA Dance Los Angeles


    We were approached to turn their outdated hard to manage website into something more upbeat, manageable and extendible. WordPress was chosen to provide superior content control. We developed custom widgets and template control panels to manage the overall structure. A business management section was also integrated.
    Services: Custom WordPress Theme, Custom Plugins, Business Management section integration.

  9. Pasdera Jewelers


    We provided Pasdera Jewelers with a web presence that extends their ability to reach customers outside of their national stores. Multiple categories are provided throughout the site with main and sub category navigation. A custom Google Map was built for users to find the nearest store based on radios and zip code.
    Services: Custom WordPress Theme [...]

  10. WordPress Development


    We have an ongoing development relationship with Shane and Peter Inc. to implement some of their best designs into WordPress themes and pages. Over the last year we’ve produced some of our best work on some very popular sites. Check out the gallery below.
    Services: WordPress Development, Plugin Development, Advanced CSS, Photoshop