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My experience with contributing to WordPress core has been awful and after years of convincing myself it’s gotten better the results might be the same. Hopefully my feeling of discouragement changes because I really want to be involved.

Google Maps for iOS

Looks like Google’s released their own Maps app — as expected. Further solidifying that Apple’s switch to their own maps app was the best choice for users. Otherwise we would never have a (presumably) good Maps app backed with Google’s data.

Skepticism enjoins scientists — in fact all of us — to suspend belief until strong evidence is forthcoming, but this tentativeness is no match for the certainty of ideologues and seems to suggest to many the absurd idea that all opinions are equally valid. The chimera of the fiercely independent everyman reigns. What else explains the seemingly equal weight accorded to the statements of entertainers and biological researchers on childhood vaccines? Or to pronouncements of industry lobbyists and climate scientists? Or to economic prescriptions like 9-9-9 and those of Nobel-prize winning economists?

via Why Don’t Americans Elect Scientists? –

No Android for You!

I never bought an Android phone because of the selection and how there’s a new one always around the corner (few weeks or a month)… So the bottom line is, as a consumer, how much is one willing to tolerate this? If someone like me who is an astute observer of the industry has to […]

Two-Face: Will Google Become The New Patent Villain?

As others have pointed out, Apple – and Microsoft and Cisco, for that matter – has many FRAND patents and has honored those commitments on a consistent basis. Whether Apple, Microsoft, and others have non-standards-essential patents is entirely irrelevant to this matter. (It’s also worth noting that while Motorola and co have been sitting on […]

Students math scores jumped 20% with iPad textbooks, publisher says

On the heels of Apples e-textbook announcement in New York City this week, publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced the results of its “HMC Fuse: Algebra I” pilot program at Ameila Earhart Middle School in Californias Riverside Unified School District. The Algebra I digital textbook is touted as the worlds first full-curriculum algebra application developed exclusively […]

An iPhone Lover’s Take On The Galaxy Nexus

Unfortunately, the system still lacks much of the fine polish that iOS users enjoy. The majority of Android users will probably think such criticism is bullshit, but that has always been the case. I imagine it’s probably hard for a Mercedes owner to describe to a Honda owner how attention to detail makes their driving […]

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