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November 2011


Like I said on twitter, I had high hopes and low expectations… My high hopes of a ton of fighting, action, gore and cool effects was fulfilled. The effects didn’t distract from the fight scenes, instead they enhanced them a enough to show a lot of detail…which is awesome when a movie has that much […]

Holding Sway

Glenn Fleishman, concluding his piece for The Economist on the demise of Flash for the mobile web: One consequence of Adobe’s move might be to spur on HTML5. As our columnist recently discussed, the up-and-coming web standard — partially implemented in many current releases of web browsers — incorporates a number of Flash components. Browsers are becoming more […]

In Time (2011)

I had higher hopes for the plot, I thought the premise was really good but lacked depth. There was a moment we’d (without spoiling anything) learn more about someones lineage but it turned out to be lame. Maybe I glossed over the reasoning behind why? but without tidbits to form mystery we’re left with “different […]

Daring Fireball Linked List: Promises

Sascha Segan, writing at PCMag: I think Apple did the right thing with the battery-life issue, but I’m frustrated by its lack of a public explanation for the Siri problems. […] Unlike with a complex handset bug that needs lots of testing to verify, it’s relatively easy for Apple to know its servers are overloaded […]

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