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Happy New Years

I will post on it later but it took me a day or so. Right when K2 B2 came out I started working on it and I think I have my best theme yet. I think it really encompasses what everyone wants including myself. It has asides but doesn’t hide them. It has limited posts […]


Over the holidays I started an audible account and listened to all but 30 minutes of Narnia: L’W’W’. I’m liking the whole audiobooks thing. Although I don’t think I’ll keep the audible account since I just downloaded the whole Narnia series on BT for free. My other book was an impulse buy, the new google […]

Google Reader API

Never even thought about this being an option. Imagine an online application and a standalone app that sync’d with the google API so everything ran fast, smooth and up to date. Wow. Jared: You should build your personal online feed reader with the google API as your backend. I wonder what the terms of use […]


Why is it that microsoft thinks their software is for the average person? It really isn’t. Office is a piece of shit. Try to explain to someone how to print labels from their address book, yeah that’s what I thought. Another reason why OS X is so much better. At least they have easy options […]

WordPress 2.0

I hate how it does it’s rewrites now. There’s no way, that I know of, to edit them since “wordpress” takes care of them. The tag rewrites are all screwey and the blog url won’t rewrite for some reason and I’ve tried everything. Why do they always have to mess up a good thing.

WordPress 2.0

As always I’m an early adopter. WordPress 2.0 is out today and I upgraded. As expected nothing went as well as anticipated. The upgrade was almost perfect with a few errors. I don’t have a clue why. I had some real issues with some of my plugins especially flickrRSS, which all, after an upgrade to […]

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